No Water. No Chemicals. Just Dry Ice. Seriously.

Why Dry Ice?

The answer is easy!

Aside from the fact that there is nothing like a dry-ice-cleaned surface, dry ice cleans effectively, without the use of chemicals, water, or harmful abrasives. There is no secondary waste and the process is 100% green, with zero impact on our environment! Wow. Quite some arguments.

For car people like us – whether you have a 60-year-old classic or the latest supercar, we want the car clean without causing harm to its patina or originality.

No high pressure washer on my air-cooled 356, right?

Right! Dry Ice can be used to clean your engine and engine compartment, the wheel housing, under carriage including suspension parts, brakes and floors. It also works wonders on the interior, including carpet or upholstery stains, headliners and dashboards. Even the most delicate surfaces, like touch screens and multifunction steering wheels, can be safely cleaned with dry ice.

Before/After Images. Come back often for an updated Gallery