Forget what you know.
Join the Dry Ice Revolution.

Common Cleaning Issues:

Oil, grime and decade-old dirt sits in open and hard to reach places in your car’s engine compartment, on brake pads, wheel houses, on worn interior. How do you effectively and safely clean these areas? Common deep cleaning methods involve the use of water, sand, glass granulates or chemicals. Not so with the supercool Dry Ice cleaning method!

Dry Ice Cleaning is different!

Using the Dry Ice Cleaning system from Coolmaster, Germany, this cleaning solution is simple, powerful, non-invasive and loved by Mother Earth!

No water, No sand, No chemicals. Just the use of Dry Ice blasted onto the surface to be cleaned. No secondary waste to clean up after.

Dry ice is pressed carbonic acid, a natural ingredient that cleans without toxic residue. Highly sophisticated air pressure is dissolving dirt, grime and decade-old built up into thin air. Literally!

The Process Explained:

  • Kinetic effect: Dry ice particles are being accelerated to high speed.
  • Thermal effect: Dry ice particles hit the dirt layer at -109.2 °F, cool it down abruptly, causing the contraction and formation of cracks. Due to the different coefficients of thermal expansion, the compound between the surface and the dirt is loosened.
  • Sublimation: On impact, the carbon dioxide directly transforms from a solid to a gaseous state and expands about 700 times the volume in a split second. This expansion literally ”blasts off” the dirt from the surface. It’s fascinating to watch!