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Engine Compartments

Dry Ice technology cleans engines and engine compartments thoroughly, without any use of water or chemicals. No worries about original service stickers being blown away.  No moisture issues for delicate ignition components and spark plugs. The German-engineered COOLMASTER® dry ice technology will clean all surfaces including painted metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber and cloth, without harm. And if your engine has years of oil and grime build-up underneath, we crank up the power and call it the END OF GRIME! No matter if you bring us a 60-year-old Porsche or a brand new Mercedes. We will be able to clean and show-prep your engine and engine compartment like you never thought possible!

Dry Ice technology blasts off baked-in dirt and grime – let’s it evaporate into thin air!


Remove chewing gum, stains and dirt! Because of the ability to fine-tune the pellets and nozzle, Dry Ice Werks by 2shores will clean your car’s interior with precision and efficiency. Cleans between the smallest creases! Confess it, you tried everything from Q-tips to eye lash brushes to clean out the dust in the dashboard vents or to get the dirt out of little creases on your multifunction steering wheel. What about the hidden stain in the upholstery from the day you picked up Rover from the vet? Or the baked-in chewing gum on the carpet behind the seat? And what about that milk shake your granddaughter just could not keep straight – 5 years ago? Yes, our Dry Ice technology will deep-clean all materials safely and without any harm. We can even clean modern touch screen multimedia surfaces with this technology.

Stained upholstery, baked-in chewing gum, common dirt areas – no prob for the COOLMASTER dry ice blasting technology!
Wheels & Brakes

Everybody knows it, the wheels make the car! And the wheels are always dirty. Trying to remove brake dust and road grime baked in over miles and miles is a hassle for all of us. Often times, our beautiful aluminum rims are a piece of art in design and a pain to clean. Not any longer! No harsh chemicals or water needed. Just let us put some ice on it! We can deep clean all types of steel, aluminum and magnesium rims. Absolutely no abrasive effect to damage the surface and no moisture that leaves stains. Truly the coolest way to clean!  And while we are at it, let us clean the complete wheel housing including brake calipers, rotors and lines. You will be amazed how your car can look!

Underbody Cleaning

It’s quite a job and we understand if you never wanted to go near it. But if you are prepping for a show, restoration or simply want the car clean inside and out, this job has to be part it. Cleaning an Undercarriage takes the right tools, power, efficiency and – Dry Ice! The Dry Ice Werks ice blasting technology removes decade-old road grime and dirt effectively, without the use of harmful water, chemicals or granular abrasives. It’s the perfect process for hard to reach places!

Automotive Industry

Restoration businesses, Tuners, Machine Shops, Detailer, Paint Shops, Mechanics: Our non-abrasive, deep-clean parts prep process will excellerate your work. We work on interior and exterior areas of the car or body. And how about that plastic front grille with 2 million dead bugs or the areas of dried up polish residue in those impossible to clean areas around the windows? Dry Ice is safe on all surfaces, extremely effective, 100% biodegradable and simply the best way to superclean cars.

Other Industries

Dry Ice works its magic on plastics, wood, rubber, metal, electronical parts and more. The innovative process leaves sensitive surfaces intact and unharmed while loving the earth. It truly is amazing. Contact us with your inquiry.