A Revolution in Detailing and Cleaning

Dry Ice Werks by 2shores is tough on dirt, grime, faded plastics and corrosion while protecting delicate parts such as wiring and decals

What’s Dry Ice Cleaning?

First off – it works! Dry Ice cleaning has been around for years and is being used in all types of industries. From the food sector, NASA and industrial cleaning to the passionate collector car world, dry ice blasting is leading in efficiency and innovation. The technology convinces in its environmental impact as dirt dissolves into thin air – literally!

Dry Ice Werks by 2shores understands the collector car industry and knows what you are looking for. We can deliver cleaning results on all types of surfaces never thought possible.

How does it work?

When cleaning with dry ice, small dry ice pellets are used as a powerful, yet safe and extremely effective blasting medium. These pellets are being accelerated with compressed air at extremely high speed – and are blasted onto the object through a nozzle. The cleaning results are nothing short of amazing!

The Result: A thoroughly cleaned surface, with no water, sand, or other harmful abrasives to dispose of.

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