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When we dry ice blast for our collector car clients we’ll try to capture the procedure as often as possible and bring it to you here. If you are like us, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing road grime, dirt, oils and baked-in brake dust fly off and evaporate into thin (dry ice) air! The results you get are stunning and the real deal. Send us your comments and questions!

Dry Ice Cleaning uses No chemicals and No abrasives. It is a sustainable and environmentally safe method Mother Earth loves.
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Hagerty featuring Dry Ice Blasting!

April 2021

Dry ice cleaning: The coolest way to remove rust, grime, and undercoating.

Abrasive media blasting is the preferred method for preparing a surface for a complete restoration. But what if your vehicle has survived all this time with its original paint intact, and it’s got decades of grease, grime, undercoating and surface rust to contend with? You’d want to preserve as much of the original surface as possible, so …

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Why Dry Ice?

No Water. No Chemicals. Just Dry Ice. Seriously. Why Dry Ice? The answer is easy! Aside from the fact that there is nothing like a dry-ice-cleaned surface, dry ice cleans effectively, without the use of chemicals, water, or harmful abrasives. There is no secondary waste and the process is 100% green, with zero impact on […]

The Process

Forget what you know. Join the Dry Ice Revolution. Common Cleaning Issues: Oil, grime and decade-old dirt sits in open and hard to reach places in your car’s engine compartment, on brake pads, wheel houses, on worn interior. How do you effectively and safely clean these areas? Common deep cleaning methods involve the use of […]


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